Sport Massages at home
and at work in Luxembourg

Massages from Sports and Care help you reduce chronic muscular tension and pain, reduce stress and physical fatigue, reduce your blood pressure but also simply relax.



The most important and risky capital investment is the investment in your employees. Today 30 per cent of absenteeism is caused by stress! For Belgium and Luxembourg, the annual cost of this is estimated at 800 million euros!


Stress signals are often not recognized as such. When employees are constantly performing at “110%”, working a lot of overtime and skipping breaks systematically, it is concluded – at that time correctly – that the business is running well. However, research has already shown that such situations on the long, but also on the short term, can lead to all kinds of complains.


Massage is a highly effective and easy way to fight your employees stress and physical problems. Furthermore, massage also rebuilds your resistance. In short, the motivation and productivity of your employees, as well as the team spirit and the feeling of appreciation, will greatly increase!





Don’t fight traffic, parking and pushy receptionists, get a relaxing massage at home!





Pre and post event treatments to help athletes prepare or unwind and injury prevention.





  • Swedish: gentle, relaxing massage.
  • Trigger point: helps release hyper-irritable points in muscle tissue.
  • Sport massages: focuses on muscle groups relevant to the particular sport.

About me

My name is Peter De Coninck, I am Belgian but live in Luxembourg. After a few years as semi-professional cyclist, I did my studies as massage and sports massage therapist. I started working as a sports massage therapist with Topsport Vlaanderen cycling team. From 2009 till 2015 I worked for Team Saxobank and since 2016 I’m employed by Quickstep Pro cycling team. In 2007, I also started a practice in massage for businesses and private clients.

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